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We work with commercial and residential property managers to design and deliver tenant engagement strategies and programs that maximize the return on your investment in tenant experience.
From digital newsletters and website content to posts for your proptech platform, The Tenex Group curates custom content that engages your tenants across the digital spectrum.
Looking to animate your building lobbies? The Tenex Group will help you plan and execute unique and cost-effective tenant events, both in-building and online, that will delight, engage and inform your tenants.
Our digital platform of discounted lifestyle and entertainment services provides a high-value service that engages your tenants, increases retention and enhances property values.
If you don’t know where to start when it comes to engaging your tenants via social media, or if your current strategy needs a refresh, The Tenex Group can help you.
The Tenex Group can help you create and deploy a survey from scratch, or we can work in cooperation with your research provider to help with your next survey.

About The Tenex Group

The Tenex Group is uniquely positioned to help property managers succeed with all things tenant experience.

Experience You Can Trust

Kirk Layton, Rachael Kraljevic and Syed Hussaini, co-founders of The Tenex Group, have spent most of their careers designing and delivering tenant service strategies and programs for the CRE industry and have unparalleled experience in the space.

Engagement Starts with Awareness

Our marketing strategies and tactics build awareness of your tenant service initiatives, driving engagement and increasing the return on your tenant experience investment.

We’re a Resource for Your Team

We work alongside your building team to help them effectively implement your tenant engagement strategies and tactics.

Our Services Help Fuel Your Proptech

We create timely, relevant content for your proptech platform to keep your tenants interested, engaged and coming back for more.

Tenex Perks

Our high-profile digital platform
is the ultimate tenant perk

Whether your tenants' employees are working at the office or out of their homes, Tenex Perks provides them with 24/7 access to a long list of high-value products and services, with savings on movies, sports, theatre, concerts, restaurants, car rentals, hotels and more. Tenex Perks is the ultimate engagement tool that gives your tenants access to a turnkey tenant service for just pennies per square foot per year.
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Digital Content Management

You need engaging content
for your e-newsletters and proptech

The Tenex Group will help ensure that the content for your digital communication channels, including e-newsletters and your tenant-facing proptech, contain timely, relevant content that keeps your tenants informed and engaged. Our team of content curators also works closely with your management team to make sure that building-specific content is posted on a regular and timely basis.
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Tenant Events

Create buzz and excitement
with high-profile events

One of the best ways to build a strong sense of community in your buildings is with tenant events. From a virtual Easter egg hunt to in-lobby Earth Week activities, The Tenex Group can deliver compelling events that are sure to engage your tenants.
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Social Media Management

Leverage social media to engage
your tenants and build community

If you want your building to have a presence on social media, or if your current social media strategy needs an update, The Tenex Group can help. We start with a social media audit that evaluates your current activity. Our team of content curators then populates your social channels with engaging content to drive engagement and help build community.
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Tenant Surveys

Collecting tenant feedback is critical,
but it’s never easy. We can help!

Do you need a quick one-off survey to measure your tenants’ perceptions of a building reno? Or perhaps you need help with your annual tenant satisfaction survey? The principals of The Tenex Group have conducted hundreds of surveys with thousands of tenants, and we have the experience to deliver actionable results. We can also work closely with Kingsley - or any research provider – to make your life easier when your annual tenant survey rolls around.
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Tenex Today Blog

The Tenex Today blog shares tips and tools for engaging your tenants and getting the most out of your tenant experience strategy.

Tenex Anyone?

We love all things tenant experience and we want to work with you to help you get the most out of your tenex strategy.